Are You Practicing “Emotional” First Aid?

We’ve all heard of “first aid” for the body, but how about emotional first aid? We all go to the doctor when our bodies don’t feel well, but we often try to deal with our emotions and our minds without any help at all?

Watch this compelling TED Talk that focuses on our emotional health and ways to heal common heartaches.

How Well Do You Know Yourself? Watch This TED Video and Find Out!

I was intrigued by this thought provoking TED Talk that explains how we examine ourselves – and shares some surprising facts! In less than 20 minutes Organizational Psychologist, Tasha Eurich summarizes her vast research and interesting conclusions on the ways we introspect- and a simple ways we can do it better. Invest in few minutes in yourself – click and watch Increase Your Self-Awareness With One Simple Fix!

Note: If your browser has trouble, just click the link in the box below to play the video.

Game Changer: Video Game for Grief on TED Talks

We often think of video games as a competition, an escape or even mindless entertainment. But how about a a video game designed to help the player cope with grief?

Watch as video game creator Amy Green talks about the award her game won; and how it failed to compare with just one photo of her son, who inspired the game. Green speaks candidly about cancer, grief and hope and how it changed her life. A must watch TED Talk!

The Truth About Adversity: Can It Create Opportunity?

Ever heard of Aimee Mullins? I discovered her amazing story and TED Talk recently. Spend 21 minutes that can change your day…and even beyond. Watch her moving and inspirational TED Talk!

If you are dealing with adversity, this video is for YOU! Watch and then leave your comment. Let’s have a real conversation about tough times.