New Genetic Test: Could Incredible Science Become Gateway to Science Fiction?

No one can deny the incredible feat that has been completed by Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine this past December- it is the future application that may get you thinking. Scientists there have devised a testing procedure for couples who are carriers of genetic diseases who are undergoing in vitro fertilization.

The groundbreaking test measures viable embryos for chromosomal abnormalities before they are implanted. In vitro embryos are so small and have so little DNA that only limited testing has been possible. This new technique creates a “carbon copy” of the DNA that can make multiple genetic tests possible. After testing, embryos that are free of genetic or chromosomal abnormalities can be implanted.

For couples who are known carriers of a genetic disease, in vitro is becoming a more popular route because it does allow some genetic testing to be done. The benefits of this discovery for these parents is undeniable.

With this new technique, one has to wonder if perfectly heathy couples could decide to have the testing. And who’s to say what could potentially result from the ability to see your child’s DNA before he/she is born? Could this type of testing open the door to a society we’ve only seen in Science Fiction  movies?

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