Just Beyond the Waves: Help for the Storms of Life

Help for the Storms of LifeMy youngest daughter just had a birthday and we decided to celebrate by taking the family on a dolphin boat cruise. The boat goes  just beyond the waves that roll toward the beach, in search of friendly, fun-to-watch dolphins. We saw dozens of smooth, gray dolphins as they searched for food, swam with their babies, played, and even “surfed” in the wake behind our boat. We couldn’t stop smiling and taking tons of pictures and video of our new-found friends. It’s so amazing what you find just behind the waves.

My family has been facing difficult times during the past few months – like huge waves washing over us…at times knocking us off balance. The experience of discovering something wonderful just beyond the waves felt encouraging. It was a great reminder that good things are waiting behind the swirling water. Even the most ferocious storms come to an end, and the sun shines brightly again. If you’ve ever experienced a hurricane you know the most beautiful, sunny day happens the morning after the storm has passed.

It can be so tough to wait for trails and rough waters to pass us by. You may even find yourself looking for a life raft that can rescue you. When will help arrive? For me, I find my help in my faith. I find comfort in praying and remembering scriptures that give me hope. During these recent, difficult days I have thought about my favorite verse anytime I am feeling anxious or down,

” Do not be afraid, for I am with you. Don’t be dismayed, because I am your God. I will strengthen you, I will help you and I will lift you up with my righteous right hand.” Isaiah 41:10

These words give me comfort and remind me that I am not alone. If you are searching for rescue and hope, hold on to your faith. Find a pastor, rabbi, priest, church or trusted friend who can tell you more.

If you have never explored your faith or beliefs, you can find more at Everyday Answers.

No matter what you are facing, remember that just beyond the waves, something good is waiting. The sun will shine again.