Just Beyond the Waves: Help for the Storms of Life

Help for the Storms of LifeMy youngest daughter just had a birthday and we decided to celebrate by taking the family on a dolphin boat cruise. The boat goes  just beyond the waves that roll toward the beach, in search of friendly, fun-to-watch dolphins. We saw dozens of smooth, gray dolphins as they searched for food, swam with their babies, played, and even “surfed” in the wake behind our boat. We couldn’t stop smiling and taking tons of pictures and video of our new-found friends. It’s so amazing what you find just behind the waves.

My family has been facing difficult times during the past few months – like huge waves washing over us…at times knocking us off balance. The experience of discovering something wonderful just beyond the waves felt encouraging. It was a great reminder that good things are waiting behind the swirling water. Even the most ferocious storms come to an end, and the sun shines brightly again. If you’ve ever experienced a hurricane you know the most beautiful, sunny day happens the morning after the storm has passed.

It can be so tough to wait for trails and rough waters to pass us by. You may even find yourself looking for a life raft that can rescue you. When will help arrive? For me, I find my help in my faith. I find comfort in praying and remembering scriptures that give me hope. During these recent, difficult days I have thought about my favorite verse anytime I am feeling anxious or down,

” Do not be afraid, for I am with you. Don’t be dismayed, because I am your God. I will strengthen you, I will help you and I will lift you up with my righteous right hand.” Isaiah 41:10

These words give me comfort and remind me that I am not alone. If you are searching for rescue and hope, hold on to your faith. Find a pastor, rabbi, priest, church or trusted friend who can tell you more.

If you have never explored your faith or beliefs, you can find more at Everyday Answers.

No matter what you are facing, remember that just beyond the waves, something good is waiting. The sun will shine again.

Are You Feeling “Showered” By Grief or Addiction This Spring?

feeling rain of grief and addiction

Spring has sprung! You can see trees, flowers and plants beginning to awaken from their winter sleep. With spring always comes “showers.” While we know the rain is needed to nurture the flowers to come, it’s easy to become tired of the storms.

I’ve been going through a very stormy time in my life. My family and I have been dealing with difficulties on every front- job, family, health and many uncertainties. Facing this has reminded me how tough it can be to weather the storm- to stay calm and patient.

Are you feeling the pain of grief or addiction? Here are some simple reminders to help you navigate the spring rains:

  • Sleep. Sounds simple, but it can be hard to sleep, and to have quality sleep when you are facing stress and hardship. If you are not sleeping well, try cutting off electronics and screens an hour before bed. Read. Relax. Exercise. And if all else fails, get a doctor’s advice.
  • Eat. Taking good care of you is most important when you are going through tough times. Stress can cause you to overeat- stuff down your feelings with a hunk of chocolate cake or a party size bag of Doritos. Some find it difficult to eat at all. Pay attention to what you are eating- and “what’s eating you.”
  • Drink. Water. Hydrate yourself and give your body good things. This would not include drowning your sorrows with an entire bottle of wine. You may forget your pain for the night, but the morning hangover always comes. If you need help with moderation- get some!
  • Smile. Have fun. This can be hard to do when you are facing challenges. When life is coming at you from all directions, it can feel like the wrong time to relax. However, it can be just the boost you need. Go outside. Drive to the beach. Call a friend who makes you laugh. Pray. Do something you enjoy.

Finding it too tough to handle the rain on your own? Ask for help! Find a trusted friend, rabbi, priest or pastor and get the support you need. You don’t have to face the storm alone.

Waiting for the “flowers” to appear during the storms of spring can be draining. Doing simple things to take care of yourself will fill you with the strength you need to get there.

Have some tips to add? Leave them in the comments section!