Home for the Holidays: Tips for Grieving Families

Home_ the_night_before_christmasThe Holidays can bring families together, but during grief, it can also tear them apart. Grief is a family affair. It is important that families allow one another the freedom and support they need to move through and beyond their loss. Especially during the Holidays when emotions are “running high.” Here are some suggestions for families:
  • Talk about grief and feelings with one another and as a family. Confront any questions or concerns that surface about how family members are handling their grief.
  • Encourage open discussions about the loss and do not be afraid to cry together.
  • Accept help and support from others. Also be sure to recognize when other family members may need additional help.
  • Allow space for individuals to experience grief in his or her own way without criticism.
  • Try to stick with family routines as much as possible to foster stability and consistency
  • Individual time. Allow family members to ask for time alone when it is needed.
  • Remember that everyone in your family will move through grief at a different pace. Allow time for family members who need it, while enjoying the success of those who are resolving their grief.

Recognizing the differences each of you face in dealing with grief will allow you to pull together during a time when it is most important. Although grief can turn your attention inward, be sure to focus on your family during the Holiday Season.

TheĀ above is an excerpt from the book Hope is Like the Sun.

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