Can Antidepressants During 1st Trimester Cause Autism?

Can Antidepressants Cause Autism?

A study published on Monday suggests that women who were prescribed common antidepressants in the year before they became pregnant had an increased risk of having a baby with autism. When the antidepressant was taken during the all-important first trimester, the risk tripled.

This is important information for any woman in child-bearing years and it has raised critical questions for those who stuggle with depression. Researches caution that more studies are needed to fully understand the link between austism and antidepressants. They also voiced concerns for women with serious depression who become pregnant and may need treatment. You can read the full story on this and a second study at:
Science has uncovered so many potential risk factors for women during the first three months of pregnancy and this study adds, yet one more. Be sure to discuss any risks that concern you with your doctor.

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