Father’s Day After Loss: Men Have Feelings Too

After the loss of a baby, Father’s Day can be a painful time for men that isn’t widely discussed or recognized. They will often hear friends and family asking their wives how they are doing, but rarely do men recieve the same type of attention. The lack of understanding and support offered to men makes grief a very complex and difficult situation for them.

One thought on “Father’s Day After Loss: Men Have Feelings Too

  1. This book is fantastic. It addresses most of the social problems girls have at this age and outlines positive ACTION that they can take to overcome it. The illustrations and questions make it very approachable, they aren’t intimidating and don’t give off a condescending feel that books such as the 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens gives off. (Although 7 Habits is a good book if you can convince the teen to read it).

    I wouldn’t give it to a girl above 13, but I’d leave it on the coffee table or on my reading table. Even though it’d be a bit young for her, she could get some good information that isn’t taught or mentioned in school.

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