Break the Silence! Pledge to See “Return to Zero” in Theatres!

RETURN TO ZERO is the first film ever created with stillbirth as its central theme. We have an amazing cast (MINNIE DRIVER, PAUL ADELSTEIN, ALFRED MOLINA, CONNIE NIELSEN KATHY BAKER, ANDREA ANDERS and SARAH JONES) and have created a beautiful and touching film that will change how people view stillbirth and the effect it has on parents, relationships, families, and communities.
Now we need this film to reach the largest audience possible–which is why we need your help!
By PLEDGING to see RETURN TO ZERO in theaters opening weekend, when it shows in your community, you will prove to Hollywood that that there is an audience for a film about this difficult but important subject matter.
We can do this–but only if we work together. Let’s finally SHATTER THE SILENCE ONCE AND FOR ALL!
Be counted in the number for this groundbreaking film! Simply click this link to fill out a very brief and simple form:
Let’s DO this!! HOPE to see you at the theatre everyone!